Christopher Nott-Held

My life's motto: JFDI, Just do it!

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Personal details

Sex Male
Age range 55 - 70
Build Athletic
Height 184
Hair Grey
Eye colour Brown
Vocal pitch, dubbing voice Baritone



2020 Master Class Moderation for Stage and TV
Die Freisprecherin- Margit Lieverz (Germany)
2017 - 2020
Schauspielzentrum Arved Birnbaum (Germany)



Languages English (mother tongue)
English – British (mother tongue)
German (fluent)
Dialects Cockney (good)
Accents German (fluent)
Cockney (good)
Sports Rowing (good)
Skiing (good)
Horseback riding (basic)
Jogging (basic)
Pilates (basic)
Sailing (basic)
Stage fighting (basic)
Swimming (basic)
Yoga (basic)
Singing A Cappella (good)
Ballad (good)
Blues (good)
Stage singing (good)
Chanson (good)
Jazz (good)
Musical (good)
Swing (good)
Musical instruments Clarinet (good)
Saxophone (good)






2020 Harolds Ear
Harold Lead
Director: Jeanette Bühren
2020 Immortal Knights
Dr. Clarke Supporting actor
Director: Marcel Knöschens
2020 Wanderweg
Wolfgang Supporting Lead
Director: Tim Kusior
2020 The mole
Eric Lead
Director: Jeanette Bühren
2020 Therapy Session
Therapist/Patient/Nurse Lead
Director: Eddy Cheaib
2020 Die Gefühle
Michael Supporting Lead
Director: Hussien Humduon
2020 Ruf der Leere
Father Supporting actor
Director: Dima Varshavsy
2020 Schlag zu
Ongoing Leading Part
Director: Karsten Jaskieviecz
2019 Number 101
Josh Mence Small role
Director: Kath Fritz
2019 Òpá (WT)
Ulrich Supporting actor
Director: Antonia Uhl
2019 Happy Family
Uncle Walter Supporting actor
Director: Franca Brinkschulte
2019 Parabel
Regisseur Ongoing supporting actor
Director: Dima Varshavsy
2018 Ein letztes mal
Supporting Lead
Director: Alexandra Sakir
2018 Du
Mann Supporting Lead
Director: Leon Faix
2018 Deutschland 2020 - Was mit uns passieren kann
Vater, Autofahrer Ongoing supporting actor
Director: Nikita Vasilchenko
2017 Zoo Story
Jerry Ongoing Leading Part
Director: Dima Varshavsy, Nils Ramme


2015 Anwälte der Toten
Josef Großman Supporting Lead
Director: Roland Leyer
2009 Kommisar Stollberg
Doctor Small Part Actor
Director: Ulrich Zrenner


2015 Calendar Girls (Tim Firth)
Rod McCall (in English) Supporting actor
Director: Devon Putnam
2011 Mrs Warrens Profession (George Bernhard Shaw)
Sam Gardner (in English) Ongoing supporting actor
Director: Margot Nisita
2009 Shadowlands (William Nicholson)
Harry Harrington (in English) Supporting actor
Director: Kathleen Schrörs
2008 Arsenic and old lace (Joseph Kesselring)
Teddy Brewster (in English) Ongoing supporting actor
Director: Devon Putnam
2006 Arms and the Man (George Bernhard Shaw)
Sergius Saranof (in English) Supporting Lead
Director: Margot Nisita
2005 The Constant Wife (Somerset Maugham)
Bernhard Kersal (in English) Supporting actor
Director: Peter Ferrow
2002 On Golden Pond (Ernest Thompson)
Charlie Martin (in English) Supporting actor
Director: Devon Putnam
1998 Mixed Doubles (Norma) from Alun Owen
Lover (in English) Supporting Lead
Director: Peter Ferrow
1998 The Open Couple (Dario Fo)
The Professor ( in Englisch) Supporting actor
Director: Margot Nisita
1997 Othello
Montano (in Englisch) Supporting actor
Director: Kathleen Schrörs


2019 Luftballons
Master Ongoing Leading Part
Director: Julian Misiorny


2020 Podcast for Denk Pharma
Chemist Speaker/narrator
Director: Face to Face GmbH communication
2019 Podcast for Denk Pharma
Expert Speaker/narrator
Director: Face to Face GmbH communication
2009 navi
Sprecher Speaker/narrator
Director: Christian Hinxlage


2021 Fridays For Future - Without Us
Crea[c]tive Media
Mr. Nuke Supporting Lead
Director: Anabel Löhr
2019 Fxxx You
Worthy Davis
Supporting actor
Director: Filip Jacobson
2019 Exhibition

Visitor Small Part Actor
Director: Eva Maria Clasen
2010 - 2013 Role-Player
Communication Training for Management Trainees
Unmotivated employee/Dissatified customer Ongoing role
Director: Diane Pfaff




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